How to Cook a Delicious Hamburger for Onion Lovers

Grab one onion. Cut. The ends off and then cut it in half. (if you want more caramelized onions cut another one too)

With one half of the onion cut it up into small finely chopped pieces.

With the other half cut it into long slices not finely chopped pieces.

Next gather your salt, pepper, and your zesty seasoning.

Now get your hamburger.

Flatten it out to get it ready for mixing.

Add the onion pieces and mix the hamburger together.

It will look like this.

Add your seasoning. (I added a little to much salt so I added more hamburger.) mix it together.

Form your hamburger patties.

Add a little oil to your pan and let it heat up.

Place your hamburgers in your pan and wait until half the hamburger is cooked.

While the burgers are cooking you can dance in your kitchen with your dog like I did. Or not... :)

Flip them over after half of it is cooked. I like to add the cheese not long after I flip the burgers over so they don't burn waiting for the cheese to melt.

Finished hamburgers. :D

Caramelized Onions...

To cook caramelized onions add oil to your pan. (enough to coat the onions.) Turn the heat to medium and let it heat up. After its heated add your onions and make sure they are coated in oil.

You can add a PINCH of salt to the onions while they are cooking. It helps to dry them out. But not to much. Make sure you are watching the onions and flipping them often or they will burn.

They are half done now.

It takes a while to cook them but they are so worth it. They will be done when they are translucent in color.


Finished!! Yummy :). I could eat these on anything!!!


Dress up your hamburger how you like and add the caramelized onions.


Thanks for checking out my guide! I hope you enjoy it. If you want to use less onions feel free. Cooking should be fun so don't be scared to veer from the directions and ingredients if you want! :D

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