How to Cook a 5minute Muffin in a Mug:)

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gather ingredents :) syrup, cinnoman and marshmallows are opitional

add 4 tablespoons of flour into your cup :)

add 4 tablespoons of sugar :)

2 table spoons of cocoa powder :) num

2 tablespoons of milk.... sorry it went a funny colour cause of the cocoa powder :/

wisk the egg in a seperate cup :)

pour into the other cup :)

i forgot to take a picture of the oil :/ but just add 1 tablespoon into your mix! :)

mix together.... doesnt look to yummy right now :/

looks a bit better once your done mixing though :):)

then add in your flavouring :) num num:)

microwave for 3minutes :):)

it may rise quite a bit but dont worry!!! :)

tah dah :D enjoy people :)

Watch the video: Chocolate Mug Cake in 1 Minute. Microwave Nutella Cake. Ems Kitchen


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