How to Buy Standard Ticket for Singapore Trains

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There are 2 types of train ticket in Singapore. If you are a frequent commuter, you can buy an EZ-Link card but if you prefer a one time journey, you can get a standard ticket card for your travelling

A typical standard ticket looks like this and is suitable for one-time travel only. There is a 1$ deposit in the card upon purchase, which can be refunded at the end of the journey

There is always an area which looks like this in every MRT station and where you can find General Ticketing Machines to purchase or refund your standard tickets

A typical General Ticketing Machine

On the left side of the machine is a touch screen to display instructions. Touch "Buy Standard Ticket" to begin

Then touch the map on the right side to select the destination station to which you want to go. You will have to alight at the station that you choose

The screen on the left will show the payable amount for your one-time journey

Put the money in the correct slot for notes and coins on the upper right of the machine. For notes, carefully align the notes to the left. You can only put one note or coin at a time

The machine will issue the standard ticket, receipt and any change at the wide slot at the bottom of the machine. Collect your ticket, receipt and change. You can now use your ticket for travelling

To refund the 1$ deposit, at the end of your journey, go to the General Ticketing Machine and touch "Return deposit"

Put your card into the black slot as depicted above

The machine will take the card and return you 1$ coin of deposit at the wide slot at the bottom of the machine

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