How to Do Leopard Makeup

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First of all get a medium brown colour.

Brush the whole of your eyelid with the brown eyeshadow and a thick brush.

Now you need a dark brown.

Dab random spots onto your eyelid, they can be any shape and don't have to be perfect!

Done :)

Now with a black liquid eyeliner, roughy line the sides of the spots, but not lining all the way around them.

Like this :)

Now with the same black eyeliner, go along your top lash line and flick up the line at the end.

Now add small lines and dots using the black eyeliner to any spaces on your eyelid.

Like so :)

Add mascara or fake lashes to your eyelashes.

Line your eyebrows with the right colour and line your bottom lash line with the black eyeliner so it joins up to the curve.

Like this :)

The final eye make up :)

Finished :)

Sorry this picture's really bad, but this is when I did it with white instead of light brown and pink instead of dark brown :)

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