How to Make an Amazing Protein Shake!

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Make sure you have all the supply's needed.

Add a 1/4 cup of protein powder which the scooper supplied to you with the powder. "I use muscletech's brand nitro-tech pro series with the chocolate milkshake flavor"

Add powder to blender.

Add milk to blender until it reaches the 14 Oz line.

Scoop the natural peanut butter with a tablespoon. This peanut butter can be found at any natural food or health food store.

Add peanut butter to blender.

Add ice. "I like a lot of ice so I add 6 cubes"

Add as much as you like.

Close lid.

Pulse blend for anywhere between 10-20 seconds.

Enjoy a great protein shake, this can be drank as a meal suppressant, before work out or after work out or all three.

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