How to Create Your Own Delicious Lip Balm

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For my lip balm I will be using small scissors, Lipstick and a basic lip balm (mine is toffee scented&favoured to add to the delicious-ness)!

The lipstick I am using is Barry M(coral), which is a pink/orange colour, remember you can use any lipstick you want to make your perfect lip balm

So first of all take your small scissors or whatever your using, to cut of a small slice from the top of your lipstick, the more you use the higher pigmented your lip balm will be

It should look like this

Scoop the lipstick of the tool of your choice just using your finger and place it straight into your lip balm

Mix the lipstick into your lip balm until it is all smooth!

Put on the lid an place in the fridge to set

After every 10 mins take out your lip balm and smooth it out

You can leave your lip balm in the fridge for as long as you want, the longer it's in the harder it will get

Taa daaa!, it's done:D

Mwah xo

Watch the video: 4 Delicious DIY Lip Balms! - Do It, Gurl


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