How to Make Brussels Sprouts for Your Pinicky Eaters

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Preparation first. You need to prepare all your ingredients before cooking first so everything runs smooth. Pinicky- picky and finicky. Lol;)

Slice your onions small so your pinicky eaters will not say "more veggies!"

Some have really big ends so cut it out so it won't be too hard to eat. Cut it in half.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

I added mint here because my pinicky eaters hate the smell of strong veggies. Sprouts have bitter taste and strong smell. The mint will lower the strong smell and help with the taste.

Let's begin cooking!

Cook your bacon per your preference. Pls. Make sure to flip it once. If you like it crispy, don't take it out right away.

I like mine crispy. You can cook your bacon the way you like it. After your bacon is cooked take it out for later use. Use your bacon oil to cook the rest of your sprouts.

After you take out your bacon, brown your onions for about two minutes.

Then once your onions are brown, add your sprouts for 30 seconds with the onions without the water yet.

You will need 1 cup of Distilled water. Also, instead of water some people like to use chicken broth. I opted to use water so I don't have anymore calories.

Add the rest of the half a cup water and let it boil. Once you see your sprouts green add half of your bacon. Let it boil for 5 min. You are done after 10 min. If you like it crispy.

Voilah! You are done. Bon appetit!


Watch the video: Bacon u0026 Parmesan Brussels Sprout Skewers. How To Get Kids To Eat Brussels Sprouts!


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