How to Prepare a Delicious Pesto Verde!

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This is (almost) all you need!

Grab a bunch of basil. The more, the merrier...

Carefully remove the basil leaves from the stem.

When you're done, it should look like this. Save the stems to make some nice basil herbal tea!

Soak and rinse the basil. Repeat at least 3x.

Remove all the water and set aside...

Grab your blender or food processor. Add the pine nuts to the blender (I used mixed nuts in this case).

Remove pine nuts from blender when the texture looks like this...

Add some of the basil leaves to the food processor...

And a hint of olive oil...

This is the tricky part. Chop the basil until the texture feels/looks right. I believe some chunkyness is necessary for an amazing texture!

When you're done with all the basil, chop your garlic clove. Add it to the processor and blend until it dissolves into the mixture.

Add more olive oil if necessary...

Slowly incorporate the chopped nuts. Blend until you obtain a nice, chunky texture! When the mixture looks right, add salt to taste ... You could grate and add some fresh parmesan for that extra kick!

Carefully remove all the pesto from the food processor using a spatula. Pour it into a nice glass container.

Voila! Your pesto verde is ready! It does wonders on top of spaguetti, spread on a slice of bread or even as a salad dressing! Post other ideas if you want! Buen provecho!

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