How to Cook 라볶이 (Stir Fried Rice Cake and Noodles)

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Boil egg for about 8mins, then cool down and remove the egg shell.

[1]Heating up the pan. [4]Pour boiling water into the pan to cover 1/4 surface of the dumplings.

[5]Close with lid, let it steam the dumpling for about 3mins. [6]Remove lids [7]Pan fried vegetarian dumpling until golden crispy.

Pan fried luncheon meats until golden crispy.

Remove dumplings and luncheon meats from the pan.

Pan fried fish cakes for 1/2 mins for each side.

Add rice cakes and boiling water into the pan, let it cook through the rice cakes for about 5mins.

[1]Add 150g toppoki sauce, a pinch of chili powder, a teaspoon of hot pepper sauce. [2]Add instant ramen, and cook for about 2mins. [3] Add luncheon meats, a slice of kraft single cheese and mix it.

Place on bowl, top with sesame seeds, pan fried dumplings and sliced hard boiled egg and it's ready to serve.

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