How to Make an Easy Cheese Pasta Sauce

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First, cut up some onions and put them In a pot. (a wok pot is the best pot to make any sauce.)

Then mash up some garlic with a knife. Please watch.....

Put it into the pan with the onion. Add a splash of oil. Once lightly translucent, add the cheese...cut a good hunk of the cream cheese.

I prefer bamboo spoons, not only are they good for the environment, they NEVER stain. Cream cheese takes awhile to melt. Remember to stick around the pan so it won't burn.

The wine smooths out the cheese. (beer and milk are also alright....broth too)

Add spices and cheese. Mix thoroughly.

TASTE the sauce. Confirm the taste with the buds. Does it need anything else??? Please feel free to add more spice, cheese, pepper, salt, Soy sauce, mustard.....I'm serious, you'd be surprised)

Once sauce is perfect, add spinach. Spinach shrinks ALOT so if you like it, use three large handfuls. (might need a bit more broth)

And done!!! (tomatoes added because they taste good) the pasta served tonight is ravioli, meat is chicken or sausage. Really any Pasta will work. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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