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Front of the stitch. Knit stitches are made by inserting the needle through the front of the stitch.

Back of the stitch

While holding the needle with cast-on stitches in your left hand insert the other needle into the first stitch from front to back.

Bring the working yarn counterclockwise between both needles.

While holding working yarn in right hand pull right needle down through cast-on stitch catching the working yarn and pulling it through the stitch on the left needle.

Slip the stitch off of the left needle onto the right needle. Repeat until all stitches are knitted off of the left needle onto the right needle.

When done with all stitches on right needle you will switch that needle to your left hand and start the next row. (1 row of knit stitches)

This is an example of garter stitch which is made of repeating rows of knit stitches. This swatch was made of 16 cast-on stitches and 10 rows of knit stitches.

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