How to Convert Boring Old Accessories Into Colourful Ones

Before n after pics !!

These are some old plastic bangles..really old n never wore them..they jus looked tacky I don't know y I brought them

Any colour ,shape ,design ,material would work..

U ll need a few ribbons glue n any bangle or old bracelet

Start gluing little by little

Wrap the ribbon around n keep wrapping till its all covered..

All done!!no rocket science in wrapping!! I like these shiny ones much better than the old plastic ones!!

This is how it looks after wearing..

Before and after!!

For this u will need a bangle,glue,brush,few stones(u can get then at a craft store,any kind any shape will do I found these at home so used them)

Start gluing small parts at a time..

Am using the back of my brush to pick up the has a lil glue so the stones stick to it!!

Place the stones however u like!!use the brush to adjust the stones by pushing it around..dont use ur hand it ll get messy!

Now it's all stuck together but still small spaces left from where u can see the glue

Take loose glitter in your brush ...

Just tap it on the wet glue in between the stones..

Leave it to dry...brush off the extra glitter later!!

All done!! I used 2 colours to match my dress..u can use any design n ny colour u want..

Thanks for watching!! U can do this with old hair bands ,clips,bracelets etc..let your imagination run wild!! I have borrowed a few pics u ll see ahead from the net to give u all an idea..

I have so much crap that I buy and get bored after a while or they go out of style or I just don't wear them anymore am sure u all too..try these ideas to add colour to your old boring accessories..


I have a few of them is broken the plastic strip stuck on it came off and the satin one was originally white which looks beige now It got old and very dirty..I was gonna throw them away


I put glue on the band and wrapped a bright blue ribbon with white polka dots on it...


Keep wrapping!!


And it's done!!! So much better than the old dirty one right?It took me 5 min to change it into a brand new hairband!!


The plastic strip that came off!! I stick a black ribbon on it and leave a little ribbon to tie it at the back...


Then I make a gold ribbon bow...


It's the easiest way to make a now..just like tying a shoe lace ..make 2 bunny ears first then make another pair and one more pair n staple it together


U can stick it too but I just stapled it


30 broken old hairband is better than new!!


TIPS:- U can use ribbons or glitter or wool or lace on old plastic hairbands n make them look pretty and Girly.make a bow out of the ribbon and stick it on or use lace if u can find any. They look gr8


Here are a few ideas I found on the Internet u can use..sorry I didnt have the materials or I would have made them myself and shown u all..I leave the rest on your imagination..have fun with it


I got a few pics of these from the net just to give u all an idea on how to make them..n what they ll look like!!


Again from the net!! I loved the black sequence bow..superb to jazz up a boring outfit!!and the woollen ones are so unusual!!!!!


Same..found them online..they look super cute n very easy to make


From the internet-These bangles were wrapped with wool..pretty good style statement for a chilly winter night..


From the Internet- wrapped with thick multicoloured thread!!

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