How to Make Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Chicken

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Start out by flattening the breast so you are able to roll it up. I used a ziplock and pressed it with a pan and my hands.

Spread whatever cheese you want on it along with whatever spices you want. I used red pepper and oregano. My cheese was Colby jack.

Set oven to 350-375 before wrapping chicken.

Spread out the (turkey) bacon and wrap up the chicken inside it. Alternatively you can do this step with the previous one if that is easier. Use bacon generously.

Once wrapped up, weave the toothpicks through the chicken and bacon. Make sure to add toothpicks all around the wrap to keep it wrapped firmly. Count the toothpicks to make it easier takin them out.

I let mine bake for about 20 minutes but YMMV. Cook until bacon is cooked and chicken is cooked on the inside.

Once finished, take out the toothpicks. Much easier if you counted before.

Looks lovely right? Excellent meal! I would consider it enough for two if you l add an additional side. This meal is approved by my girlfriend who is a dietitian :)


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