How to Play "Time of Your Life" by Green Day on Guitar

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The verses go G, C add9, D, Dsus4. Also the D to Dsus4 is a quick add on of the pinky just to give the song some flare. Those two chords put together only last as long as the G and C add9.

VerseG, C add9, D, Dsus4.

The chorus goesEm7, D, Dsus4, C add9, G and leading back into the verse goes Em7, D, D sus4, G. Same thing with the D to Dsus4 here. Those two chords last two beats each.

ChorusEm7, D, Dsus4, C add9, G.

A quick run through of the verse, chorus and lead back in to the verse!

If you want it to sound like the original version 100% you can pluck the strings making up the chord instead of strumming it all... Pretty snazzy huh? ;p

Any comments or questions for me feel free to hit me up! Toss out some ideas for songs too btw!

Watch the video: TIME OF YOUR LIFE Guitar Lesson Tutorial - GREEN DAY - Good Riddance Time Of Your Life


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