How to Make a 3 Minute Smoothie

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Add 2 medium bananas and 1cup strawberries to your blender. Optionyou can substitute other favorite fruits if you like. TIME = 30 seconds

Measure one scoop of protein powder. I like Whole Food's vanilla soy powder. TIME = 30 seconds

Dump soy powder in the blender on top of the fruit. TIME = 10 seconds

For some added fiber and omega-3 fatty acids - add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal. TIME = 20 seconds

Measure 1 1/2cup of vanilla-flavored almond milk. OPTIONYou can also use cow's milk, rice milk, or even water as your liquid. TIME = 30 seconds

Add the top to your blender --- and BLEND!!!! TIME = 30 seconds

Pour smoothie into your favorite travel cup. TIME = 30 seconds Head out the door with a quick, delicious breakfast or snack in less than 3 minutes! Serving size = 2; Calories per serving = 334

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