How to Make Lamb Chops Curry

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Add some oil and onions to a pan.When mellow add tablesspoons of tumeric tandoori corrriander jeera chilli powder some cardomin cracked pepper & aniseed pieces. Oh some salt too.

Sear some lamb on a high heat to get any flavours that get in to stay in.

Throw all that stuff and some ginger and 4garlic cloves in a deep pot. In using a hotpot.

Throw some more tandoori in, or anything you want to alter the flavour to your needs. Also add more salt. 1.5tbsp.

Chuck i a tin of choppen tomatoes or some passata, like me.

Now then. Ive also got some red kidney beans that ive left to get soft over night. If you are using tinned ones then add then with the potatoes later on, not now.

Stir slightley and stick this lot in a preheated 180c oven. This ones a slow cooker.

About one 90min into cooking add 4 baby potatoes that are diced into six pieces. Basically bitesize and easy to cook. Remember to add tinned beans of you choice like red kidney beans now, if you wish.

another 90mins later and whalaaaa!

The only thing left is either rice or chapattis. Ive. Got a seperate guide for how to make them somewhere.

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