How to Cook Uzbek Pilaf



beef meat - cut into large chunks.

Chop Onion into half rings

Carrot cut into strips

Then add onion

Add the carrots

Add water 2-3 cup and spices( salt, black pepper, cumin, bay leaf.)

Cook on low heat for 30min

Separately, rice put in a bowl, add salt 1 tablespoon and boiling hot water

Leave for 30min

When end 30min , put the garlic

A rice rinse with cold water

Drain the water

Rice out onto a carrot

Add a little water

Cook on high heat for 5-8 min


Boil so that the water evaporated


Make a pile of rice, cover with a plate and cover and cook 30min over low heat


After 30min


Pilaf is ready!!!!


Bon appetite!!!!!


Delicious 😍

Watch the video: National food of Uzbekistan

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